Humorous political T-shirts

High Quality Humorous political T-shirts

Are you a Politically incorrect person? Then Welcome to BerZerktoad best source for Humorous political T-shirts. If you enjoy wearing thought-provoking t-shirts using humor, sarcasm, and wit you came to the right place.

Definition of politically incorrect: not avoiding language or behavior that could offend a particular group of people.

Words Of Wisdom by: BerZerktoad

This place in History
If only this small piece of history would repeat itself. We need to spend more time, effort and energy in a positive direction (Read more)

Asked to be Masked, or is it told? Hmmm…?
We the People are Forced to wear masks made by the country that forced us to wear masks in the first place– brilliant!

True Words of Wisdom
Writing shortly after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, historian Orestes Brownson almost prophetically summed up socialism and where it would lead. (Read more)

Politically incorrect t-shirts FAQs

What material is this item made of?

All of our Humorous political T-shirts are made of Top quality 100% heavyweight cotton, Ring spun for softness., Their super soft texture will allow for pure enjoyment when worn. Heather Grey is an 85/15 cotton blend. They are ideal for screen printing that produces bright, vibrant, and consistent imaging. T-shirts are offered in a unisex style for easy fitting and are available in S-M-L-XL-2XL sizes., covering 95% of the marketplace. Special sizing orders are available upon request. Expect some minimal shrinkage under normal wash/dry conditions. We recommend washing in cold water and low setting in drying clothes.

What USA ship methods are available?

Shipping: Products are primarily shipped through USPS, which currently offers the best and most cost-efficient pricing structure. We offer (4) different flat rate pricing structures., based on the size of the purchase order. Free shipping is also available, (based on order size). Priority shipping is used in most cases and one can expect products to arrive in 3-4 days from the date of order. BerZerktoad, LLC., does not guarantee this delivery, as USPS will not provide a guarantee for this service. It is a best-case scenario. We do our very best to ensure timely delivery and appreciate your business. Orders are filled within 24 hours of purchase and shipped accordingly.

What is the Return/Exchange policy?

We want and hope that you truly love your BerZerktoad T-shirt. In the event that you are not satisfied with our product, or there appears to be some product defect, please notify us immediately. We will work diligently to make it right for you.

We are grateful and appreciative of your business! We will never take that for granted!

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