While I am in the midst of launching my company Berzerktoad,  LLC. a casual clothing and novelty company., I am creating this Blog site to offer to anyone willing, to speak to openly and freely.  Any and all subjects are fair game.  Bring it on!  I welcome the insight, and the opportunity to learn, gain knowledge and open my mind., and hopefully yours as well.  I plan on using humor, sarcasm, some acerbic humor as well to get you to think.  I believe this is in short supply today.  I fully expect not all topics will be of interest or please others, that is fine with me.  I want to open up the conservation.  The ability to converse openly and freely with out retribution. This is sorely missing in todays world.  I feel we have become too sensitive about what we say and the manner in which we speak.  Chief Justice Clarence Thomas was just speaking of this very notion just a short  time ago. I applaud him for doing so.  I am not advocating spewing garbage in a racially hurtful, mean spirited or bigoted manner.  Ignorant people are the ones who usually speak in such a way.  Simply speak.  Let is all hang out.  I hope that this will grow organically and in an evangelistic way.  Looking forward to hearing from you.