The tragic event that has caused Malaysia  flight. 370 to go off the grid disappearing has certainly created quite a stir in todays news.  Israel has come out quite recently again and spoken loudly and proudly to say–“we cannot and do not trust Iran with nuclear power.  Are they wrong?  I do not think so.  Iran and its very unstable government have not given the world any real reason to be trusted at this point in time.  It is there job to create trust of the other nations in the world, not ours to take their word for it.

Could it be that Iran has finally created a suitcase bomb that is undetectable?  One where a suicide bomber can easily carry it on a plane and a explode at any tie they wish to set it off.  None of this is too far fetched., to me. This type of incendiary device is certainly plausible and one that our government should certainly be alarmed about and very concerned.  Why have we not heard a word about it in the press?  Fear of panacea spreading throughout the public?  I would not rule out this perception.  Imagine if the extremists in Iran or Syria, Iraq etc., had the ability to travel with and detonate a bomb of this type, at will.  Can you only imagine the chaos and carnage that they would have the ability to create worldwide?  Just a thought worth discussing.  Let us pray and hope I am as many off base  as the authorities have to search through in their efforts in finding any wreckage or answers to this tragic event.