As we now see the famed and brilliant GM is in the mix again.  Is anyone  shocked by the  findings of corruption and cover-up at GM?  Don’t we feel great to have saved an American Institution of big business to the tune of 45 billion tax payer dollars.  All the while GM was making big money and the government was making a healthy return on their investment, (with our money). We have a president who seems to think this is great, while this company toils in secrecy, making and selling products that put millions of peoples lives at risk, willfully, and knowingly.  Sound a little like Fast and Furious gun running scandal with the likes of Eric Holder in charge.  Did he pay a penalty, serve time for his involvement?  No he did not.  He received the backing and praise of our fearless leader.  Are any of the GM executives, board of directors, etc., going to serve time, pay penalties (personally) for their involvement?  Not likely.  Another example of government involvement, intervention and big business, corporate greed.  I am all for a free market and capitalism, however; when the people who are making, marketing  and selling the products know they are substandard, they should be held accountable for the destruction and demise they cause.  Time will tell if the seed of greed which has been allowed to grow and flourish in an economic environment of stagnancy will be clipped.  This company has made billions of dollars of profits at the expense of the American people, as did our government.  I wish I could be corrupt, scheming, and make millions and not have to pay penalty for my actions.  Don’t be surprised by any of this.  We have an imperialistic president who runs this country as if it were his own kingdom.  The real tragedy is that we have the means to prevent these actions and behavior,  but a cowardly congress will do nothing to intervene.  They are more concerned about saving their own ass and assets, and getting re-elected, then they are about  the people who put them in office.  So much for the constitution with which they swear to uphold and our freedoms they are suppose to protect.