The following passage from Wayne Root clearly identifies the government interference and incompetence in a healthcare system.  .

“Take Veterans Affairs. A federal appeals court has ruled the VA suffers from ‘unchecked incompetence.’ That incompetence is killing our brave veterans. I bet you didn’t know 18 veterans commit suicide per day. Or that 85,000 vets are on waiting lists for care. Even a severely depressed vet can wait eight weeks to see a psychiatrist. Still want government to run your health care?”

I hate to say it but… “I told you so.” So why didn’t America see this disaster coming? Just look at what we’ve been hearing about the mess at the VA. There are tales of government mismanagement, substandard health care, vets being treated horribly, vets dying after waiting on long lists to get care. Vets committing suicide.

We have known about some of this for a long time. About the only thing we didn’t know was that there was outright criminal negligence which could lead to murder charges.

Bafoons they are!!  I wonder where Nancy Pelosi and all the other left leaning liberals have disappeared to now.  Why aren’t they out front and center standing on their mighty podiums lauding the brilliance of the VA  Dept.  Funny how that works.  These self-absorbed special interest politicians are nowhere to be found.

More to come from this horribly managed executive branch.  Did you expect anything else from them.  Obama is a moron and his back door, strong arm Chicago politics are not the way to improve this country.  Please tell me one thing he and his administration has done to improve this country?  Just one!!