Isn’t it incredible to see the Far Left liberals are fervently working overtime to censor speech they don’t like., we must be politically correct.  In the process stripping us of our 1st Amendment  Rights, “Freedom of Speech”.  Ironically the very censorship they try to impose is “Not Politically correct” itself., and strips them of the same inalienable rights as well.  Do they not recognize that they’re ”so called Liberal Mantra” is facilitating a government imposition and constitutional intervention that screams “Lack of Freedom” for all.  The very thought that the Far Left Liberals are the very people whom are transforming this country into one which is anything but free.  Some of their initiatives are bordering Fascism, Socialism and even Communist like intent.  To tell the people what, when and how to speak is so fundamentally egregious and anti-freedom.  This is precisely what we fought against nearly 240 years ago – it’s obscene.  Can these Far Left Liberals be that insipidly stupid, naïve and or ignorant?  It appears so.  So tragic it is; a travesty to democracy as we know it today.