Muslim extremists are murdering and butchering Christians who are non-believers all over the world.  Where are the Muslims now?  Why aren’t they taking a stand?  I can assure you that if Extremist Christians were behaving like these radical Muslims, there would be outrage worldwide.  Our President calls himself a Christian and that he understands the Muslims, because he had lived in that part of the world.  What is he doing to curtail this behavior?  Nothing.  Can you say Boko Harem?  We know where they are and yet we do nothing to prevent the continual onslaught of innocent women and children.  Shameful and disgraceful behavior.  I do not fault him solely, though. Our Congress and Senate are weak and cowardly.  They are all too concerned about keeping their jobs rather then doing there jobs.  They would have no problem keeping there jobs if the people in the country saw that they did theirs in the first place. “We the People” was written for the benefit of the people–all the people, not just the special interest, self absorbed they have become.