The mere fact that this administration is even entertaining or engaging in conversation on who the next U.S. Attorney General should be, with the likes of Al Sharpton, is a clear sign that it has little class or character.  To elicit the services of a degenerate drug dealing snitch like Al Sharpton about such an important matter is utterly disgraceful.  Am I surprised?  I am not.  If you look at the duplicitous actions and behavior of our Potus P.O.S. who exhibits little class and shows virtually no character, it is what I expected.  That said, why has no one in the main stream media even remarked about this?  Can you say complicit and corrupt?  I can–I just did.  They media has protected this man and his ilk like non-other.  The future for this country is not looking bright when the reporters who are paid to report, don’t.