Did anyone catch on the fact that Eric Holder resigned from the AG position just two days after a Federal judge demanded he sees all the information that Holder has been concealing and withholding from congressional leaders, for which Holder was found in contempt for not releasing.  He is the only AG in history of this country to ever be found in contempt on any charges-period.  Do you smell something here?  I’d very interested to see what the judge finds and or reveals from this information, if it is indeed turner over.  Could there be some real hard evidence that suggests our POTUS-POS new exactly what was going on in the Fast and Furious gun running operation with the Mexican drug Cartel?  I believe that both were willfully and willingly participating in not only the information, but the actual implementation of the armament.  Will we ever find out?  Maybe, 10 years from now.  At which point they can use the classic Clinton line., What does it matter now?  Corruption at its finest.  Disgraceful actions and behavior on their part, across the board.