Did you notice that Eric Holder has refused to release and or provide any information regarding the Fast and Furious scandal, even after a federal judge has demanded that he do so. The Congressional leaders are filing another contempt charge to Mr. Holder for not abiding by the  judges and court ordered demands.  Does anyone really think this will make a difference?  The blatant arrogance and deference that Holder and Obama display and have for the laws of this country are disgusting.  If you or I ever acted this way we would be in jail in a nano-second.  I can promise you that Holder will never even likely see a courtroom over this matter.  Talk about injustice.  Isn’t is corrupt and disheartening to know that the former highest ranking attorney whose job is to uphold the law, snubs his nose at the very laws he is supposed to protect.  Shameful and disgraceful actions to say the least. Our leaders are elected officials to work and protect us, the people of this country., yet the only ones they protect are themselves.