The pervasive and consistent lies and deceit by this administration are setting new standards for duplicity.  Does anyone understand the financial and economic pitfall this will cause this country?  How about the lost jobs for citizens?  No one has mentioned that Obama-care has a loophole in it that does not penalize small businesses for hiring non-citizens as they are not required/mandated to have healthcare coverage.  The businesses do not and will not have to pay the 2-3 thousand dollar penalty per employee for not providing them with insurance coverage.  Thus, this now puts an estimated 5 million people available in the work force that businesses can utilize for their services and not cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.  When will this insanity at the expense of the tax payer stop?  Surely we are becoming a 3rd world nation, a banana republic in the making.  We certainly have the right leader for it.  Tragic.