In the wake of the Ferguson mess and the racism that clearly did not exist, however; was promoted, propagated and elicited by the main stream media and the likes of race baiting antagonistic Al Sharpton; Obama and his administration missed out on yet another opportunity to “unite” this country.  It is interesting to me that  Al Sharpton continually pimps out his own people for his own self-serving agenda.  They are so stupid they do not even recognize that he is doing so.  How much have any of their lives benefited from Al Sharpton’s antics?  Next to none, yet Al is living like a king., comparatively speaking.  Can you see the similarity here?   Instead, he and with the assistance of Eric Holder, and others have widened the gap and caused a greater divide between blacks and whites in this country.

In my life, none of these riotous situations have benefited anybody, in any community.   Yet they still continually act and behave like animals, perpetuating the publics perception that they cannot act in a decent manner.  Just look at the trailing history.  The Watts riot in 1965, The McDuffy Case in Tampa Florida, in 1978 and the ensuing riot in Miami, Rodney King in 1992.  Have any of these areas benefited from the major destruction caused by these lunatics?  Have they recovered with prosperity all these many years later?  No they have not.

Al Sharpton and others dare call/consider themselves – Civil Rights Activists, carrying out the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He would be disgraced by their behavior.  I am certain his family members are outraged.  I know I would be.

Holder’s words about the riots and the behavior of the individuals responsible for the devastation to Ferguson, were callous and shallow.  Are you surprised?  Look at his and Obamas track record on prior scandals.  The mere fact that Obama even invites the likes of Al Sharpton to the Whitehouse (82) times and counting, is disgraceful.  It shows you what kind of agenda and lack of character he has himself.  This was a golden opportunity to unite the masses and use the media as his pulpit to do so.  He has chosen not to.

Once, again Obama has shown his inability to make good decisions using sound judgment.  How can a man be so blinded by his agenda as to not do what is best for the nation?  I just do not understand it.

Every major facet of this country has declined precipitously under his leadership.  Our economy is teetering on the brink of another recession, with little or no growth, the slowest recover in history., foreign relations are well just foreign to him., our allies don’t trust us and he ahs insulted them at every intersection he has crossed., and he has shown a complete lack of regard for the Rule of Law, our Constitution.

It appears he only cares about his legacy.  I say, what Legacy?  That he and his administration are complete and utter failures. That he is more concerned about living up to his words, “I will fundamentally change this country.” I ask why?  Why would anyone be so single minded to fundamentally change the one and only country in the world that offers more opportunity than any other., “in his own words., “where even a black man can become President.”  The only conclusion that I can come to is the internal decay and destruction within.  He is not a believer in this country and it values.

The irony here, is his legacy would be so great, if he really cared about this country and the people in it.  He does not.  If he chose to use better judgment and make better decisions, his legacy would be cemented., one of greatness and his leadership would have shown all those around  the world, what leadership is all about.  Tragically, none of this will ever come to pass.  Our enemies don’t fear us, our allies do not respect us and many within in this country are now most worrisome about what the future will hold.  The devastation, decay and deterioration that this administration has caused is likely irreparable.