Welcome to Obama-College

Educational Studies for Free.  Where you can obtain a degree in Elite-ism.

Some of the courses offered:

a) The Art of deceit, dishonesty and disingenuous behavior:   How to Fuck 300 million people with 1 cock

b) Hiring only the Best: making a right hire as long as they are left

c) Public Speaking – The art of ignorant, stupid and negligent statements. Guest Instructor:  Nancy Pelosi

d) How to marry a man that looks like a woman—still researching this subject matter as we have not been able to find a birth certificate to confirm.

e) Supporting Muslim Radicals without Proof:  screwing your allies with the same cock

f) Lawlessness – Having a morning Constitutional that is Unconstitutional – everyday

g) Rules and Regulations:   The more the merrier—Christmas comes early and often and the American people pay for it—up the ass

h) Disinterested Behavior: The art of convincing those around you that you care, when you really don’t give a shit—except your daily constitutional

i) R & R: How not to play golf because I suck so bad the pro’s won’t play with me

j) Elective Class: Hanging with the Homies:   How to be black without being Black – getting the vote

k) How not to write Legislation: Obama-care—nothing else need be said here

l) Immigration: Illegally transforming illegals—legally

m) Financing Radicalism: The art of negotiation at the expense of your allies

n) How to be Sackless: courageously standing for nothing

Upon graduation you will receive your certificate that you have successfully become a Far Left Liberal Lilly Limpdick.

Celebrate Joyously with a couple of Cubans