It is funny how so many are harping on the deflated balls that the New England Patriots apparently brought and used in their game against Indianapolis Colts.  I guess that made a huge difference in the score, 45-7 as the Colts were trampled.  I do think it is sad that such a brilliant coach, Bill Belichick., may have numerous asterisks next to his name when does retire from coaching football.  ( Remember Spy-gate)  What I find amusing,  wouldn’t you like to play with your own balls rather than someone else’s?  Isn’t that preferable?  I think so.  ????  I do not put any weight or stock into the entire issue.  If the final score were remotely close, then it might merit some consideration.  As is, it is just fodder for me.

I will add though, we might see the NFL league take control over the balls being provided in the near future and rechecked at the half of each game, in order to avoid any discrepancies.  This shall definitely give new meaning to the phrase “ball handler”.  And how does one apply for this newly created position?  I would like to see that written on a  resume.  ????