While social media, lack of volunteerism and entitlement have been well documented, and the common social niceties are less than regular, I seek to find true goodness, kindness and hope in people everyday.  I cannot comment on the “world view” because I live in America and do not believe that the reporting is forthright and truly objective.  However, I have traveled to Europe within the last decade and I have encountered some of the simplest, warmest, kindest folks imaginable.  In what I do (healthcare), each day I find at least one soul who makes me laugh out loud, ponder, think and appreciate my parents, or want to be kinder to myself.  It starts from within.   It will extend to you when you look outward.  “You make your own happiness,” are never truer words spoken.

The care, sweat and effort one puts forth in their work comes back to you 1000%.  Introspection and humility as well as respecting how finite this life we live really is, should keep you humble.  Perfection is not truly attainable, but striving to be ones best, daily – will allow you to make improvements you never thought possible.  Take pleasure in the good and focus less on the bad elements that are pervasive in todays world.  Your view will change from the same seat with which you occupy.  We only have control over ourselves.

Friendly advice from an artfully thoughtful soul