The fact that John Koskinen still has a job is baffling to me and many others.  Of course, when you have a POTUS P.O.S. that swears there is not a shred of a cover-up at this agency and nothing to see, what would you expect?  To think that we as citizens have to entrust our taxes to a man so irresponsible and duplicit in his behavior is truly sad.

Here is my proposal to the  Obama administration.  I say we hire Al Sharpton as the new commissioner of the IRS.  If anyone can straighten out this mess he can.  He has an exemplary record of not paying his taxes on time or at all.  That should make the tax paying citizens in this country feel much more secure.

In fact, why the hell is Al still marching to his civil rights tune.  It is a dead and poorly played song.  No one is listening anymore.  Al, change your tune!  If I were you, I would offer classes in how to cheat the tax system, start businesses and then not pay the appropriate tax due.  I bet your buddy Hussein Obama could get you into Harvard as an adjunct professor.  Then you can add that title to your long and illustrious list of credentials.  Drug dealing snitch, civil rights propaganda anarchist, slandering and liable liar,  Reverend, TV show host and now professor.  It’s beautiful!!!