How many more Christians, of all ethnic backgrounds, and origins have to be slaughtered, murdered and butchered before this Muslim Monkey-brain named Barack Hussein Obama and his clan of Knuckleheads, ie: Eric Holder etc., recognize that these insane individuals hide behind religion.  The Pope and high ranking clerics all over the world recognize and acknowledge them for what they are, yet POTUS -P.O.S. can and will not.  I believe it is because of his fundamental non-belief in this country and its history.  This man has the audacity to call himself a Christian.  He is no Christian.  This is a blatant and another untruth, in my opinion.  There is no man, women, child in this world who is not willing to call out these heinous atrocities and violent acts against all man, who will not admit to the fact they these people are Islamic radicals hiding behind religious beliefs.

He is a disgrace and embarrassment to be called a man-period!  He is a coward.