Our forefathers were the carpenters of their time that built a great country on a firm and resolute foundation.  Its current leadership with its flawed vision shall not be permitted the opportunity to cause decay and demise he so unjustly seeks, if our elected leaders act courageous and work in the interest of their fellow man.

I fear this not to be the case.  We are at and on the premise of a Constitutional tipping point as one man and one branch of government is being permitted to circumvent the Rule of Law at will.  A tragic day today.  A great leader (Benjamin Netanyahu) who stands proudly before the world, exemplifying courage, class, character and integrity delivers the best speech in half a century.  I dare to say it will be forgotten, due to the callous and cavalier attitude of our Congress, that lacks no will to fight, as they sit and watch this once proud nation cave in to the whims of a non-believer American.