Bruce aka Belinda Jenner.  freaking hilarious!!  I was always a girl inside.  Hahaha!!!  Outrageously funny shit.  This is a classic case of self promotion.  He already has a new TV show slated for next season.  This interview with Diane Sawyer just made him/her 50million bucks.  Are they going to make a Belinda Doll now?  Maybe he/she can play with Barbie?  or would that be Ken?    What will the theme song be?  Lola, the famous Kinks tune.  Perhaps when it’s all completed Tom Jones can serenade her with “She’s  a Lady.”  LOL

Can he enter the Olympics as a women now?  I don’t think so.  If she wins does she get on the box of Wheaties  or would it be Playtex?  I guess that Depends.  Hahahaha.

I think she should move to Parumph Nevada, open a brothel called Belinda’s Place, become the madam and have have all the Kardashian clan work for her.  Now that would be a star studded sex palace.

What do you expect after living with the modern day Addams Family.  Just hilarious stuff.

When he dies, do they say here lies Belinda, beloved father, oops mother. May she rest in peace., pieces.  Maybe they could have a little mini coffin for his Thang!!
I can see the eulogy now. Remembering Bruce and holding up that one eyed mouse.