In the wake of the disaster that has been happening in Baltimore, perhaps the Democratic rule of this once proud city, needs to change.  30 Years of Democratic policy have failed this city in every way.  The more the citizens receive, in the way of government subsidies, the less they prosper.  The less they do for themselves.  Wake up Baltimore!!  You can do more with less, if you try.  The more you get, the less you try.  Apathy and laissez-faire attitude are the real reason your city has failed, much like many others as well.

Perhaps we should change your name to Balti-less and watch how you benefit more, from producing and participating in your community, society.

The mere fact that you have been unwilling to change or try to change direction, policy, aspiring for different results is surely the sign of insanity.  Tack in to the wind of change and see what happens.