Once again the liberals (far Left) that is, are demonizing free speech, people, religion etc.  How absolutely insane is it that a Catholic school is requesting that Cardinal Nolan (he is a Catholic Priest), from giving the commencement speech at their school.  He’s is bloody Catholic!!!  Are you kidding me?  How hypocritical is that?  His views on marriage, abortion, etc, are of devout Catholic stance., yet the  far left liberals at this school would have you believe he is a monster.  Delusional mindset and thinking is all that comes to mind about anyone who shares this viewpoint.  Truly sad.  It is absolutely hilarious, really., it is.  They should close the school or cease to be a Catholic institution of learning if this is there stance.

Additional thought:  As this is a Catholic school-I am certain that they receive large sums of money from the church.  Watch how fast they change their tune when and if the church threatens to shutoff there funding.  The absurdity of this is that no-one in the administration at this point has come out to speak publicly about this nonsense.  Freedom of speech is our most precious gift, by our forefathers, however; common sense and a sensible rebuttal is well needed here.

This would be like Notre Dame University students protesting the Pope coming to visit. Hypocrisy at its finest.  I wonder what the outcry would be then.