I always find it interesting that these environmentalist liberals are telling us how to GO GREEN, so we can live a better life and save the planet.  Hmmm., here are just a few examples of how we used to already be Green!!

Lawnmowers–powered by manual labor– no gas needed.  Milk bottles, beer bottle, soda bottles– returned after use, cleaned, washed and refilled–talk about reusable and recycling.  Water in a plastic bottle now and we are to preserve the environment, how?   The grocery stores bagged your groceries in brown paper bags, which we used to cover our school books and our home trash.  We walked  the two blocks to the store rather then get into our car and drive (lazy asses we have become).  Cloth diapers-not disposable–talk about recycling and not spoiling the environment.    The list goes on and on.  I realize that industrialization of man has made us lazy and at times much more efficient.  Just stop telling me how to BE GREEN!  I was green long before you came along–I am a Toad–remember.  ????