If Tiger Woods would stop buying and chasing tail, show some class, character and integrity he wouldn’t likely have been dumped by Lindsay.  Obviously this man has demonstrated his propensity  and  interest in white trash behavior.  He must have a God complex.  I feel sorry for him.  Having been raised in a well off environment, better then most, he apparently hasn’t learned  what character is about.  He has clearly not learned from the past.  Unfortunately for him, this seems to be the norm in society today.  Glorify unsavory behavior because the skills sets of athletic achievement are of greater value., ie. money to conglomerates and media moguls.  It is sad.  These types of actions and behavioral traits are pervasive in all walks of life in our society.  Our children have very little to admire these days.  I say admire the parent(s) who refuse to allow you to slide off the rails.  Most of this starts at home, with parents refusal to succumb to the low standards that society has set.  Hold yourself accountable to a better standard and raise the bar.  Apparently, those in elite status have a God complex and either don’t care or haven’t learned from past experiences and examples.  Tigers tail needs to clipped.