It is truly sad to know that a deranged yet so young an individual can commit such an outrageous act of senseless violence.  Here is what I find intriguing.  The millennial’s are said to be the most forgiving none racial sector in society ever.  Yet the  extreme liberal perspective that has been enshrined in their heads by government, higher education, etc., appear to me,  to be the prime reason that these acts are being committed.  How does an individual whose upbringing of tolerance, acceptance, non racial bias or prejudice, commit such a heinous act?   I just don’t understand it.  They have been taught wonderful values, yet exhibit the extreme opposite.  Could it be the “Liberal Mantra” is not really what it appears to be?   Perhaps we as a society, need to look deeper into this problem for answers that we just do not have today.  Politicizing the issue as a gun issue, in my opinion, is just irresponsible and cheapens the tragedy and its effect on the community and all those adversely touched.