The mere fact that Obama has proceeded so easily on all of the wish list items he has had for this nation, is due to the utter cowardice nature of Congress.

They have had power of the purse on multiple occasions, Obamacare, Immigration etc., and did not use it. They have the Constitution on their side, Article 2, Section 2 which stipulates that no one man shall have the power to rule or make treaty without at 2/3 vote approval of Congress, yet they caved in to Obama’s whims.  Now we have a mere 34 votes needed by the Senate, or a third of the House in order ratify and move forward on the usage of this disastrous agreement with Iran.

Congress has been completely cowardice in their duties as elected officials.  There job is to work for the people of this nation.  The only ones they work for are themselves.  This clearly indicates that “We the People” is not only an antiquated concept, but that your vote is meaningless.

The Republican Party is a sham and a disgrace.  They have made back door deals with this President, all the while pontificating as if to make it appear they care, when they do not.  They have made this weak President, who hates this nation, is a non-believer in its laws, make-up and system more powerful and intrusive then any other in the last 150 years.  Our children will be the ones who suffer most. When there rights to speak openly, freely, create business, etc., are stripped and forgone, under the rule of law by a system of government (Socialism) that is destined to fail.  A system that has already shown its failures many times in world history and is currently showing disastrous results in Greece, France, Portugal, Spain and California as well.

The Millenials better wake up and see what is ahead of them, before it is too late.