The pervasive and misrepresentative message that the “Black Lives Matter” movement has been promoting, is more divisive  then inclusive.  Think about it for a moment.  When you hear people ranting and raving that “Black Lives Matter” and the propensity to which they are  disruptive on all platforms, just to gain them some publicity, are you  more likely to listen to their message or more likely not too?  I personally am very turned off by there behavior.  In fact, I turn them off completely when they come on the news.  Wouldn’t they be better served to make a statement that is all inclusive rather than not?  I applaud the two police officers (one white-one black) with their message of unity and am thrilled that it has gone viral.  Good for them and good for society.

Last thought: Do these two black women at the forefront of these demonstrations have jobs? Are they active, productive members of their community?  Or are they antagonists hired by the likes of Al Sharpton to march and beat a drum of negativity?  And why hasn’t anyone in the press or media asked this question?  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it.