Well out fearless incompetent leader is at it again.  He has decided to change the name of Mt. McKinley to Denali.  After more then 100 years,  and being named after a former U.S. President, Obama shames this nation-again.

Have no fear, all of this will come to an end soon.  In fact, what I believe will happen is the following.  The next President, if a Republican will undue most of the absurd behavior and delusional decision making perpetrated by the “so called leader”.  He is not.  He is a poser-period.  What will be really funny, is when he gets a library, or a street, or a building named after him, we just change it.  Hahahahaha!  The laugh is on you Mr. President.  We the People do not think you are worthy and it gets changed.  All of his EPA executive orders, the IRS scandals, it a long list of dubious accomplishments of nothing.  How embarrassing would that be?  In fact, I think Marc Duggard and Bill O’Reilly should write a book and call it., “Killing Obama.”  They could release it on his last day in office.  It would chronical his life in politics and ascendancy too the White House.  Then, when he is no longer in the White House, they can release all of the duplicit behavior and lies perpetrated by him and his administration.  All of this will come out eventually, it just happens that way. When it does, he will be seen for his true colors, as Mr. Irrelevant.  Most of what he did in office meant nothing and accomplished even less.

So have no fear, Obama’s time is coming and his true colors of cowardice behavior and leading from behind mantra will surface.  In the end, that is where most get it when leading from behind, he will get his, and likely enjoy it.  I know I will.  ????