Embarrassing. Negligent. Irresponsible.These are just three words that describe the actions and behavior of our elected officials.  Past May, the Senate voted 98-1, not to support the Iran Nuclear deal agreement.  Now, 3 months later, 33 Senators have flipped like a pancake on a griddle, and decided to keep the Status Quo., by voting along party line.  Embarrassing!

Have they not learned anything from the Obamacare fiasco and Nancy Pelosi’s brilliant statement of ignorance and stupidity., “We must pass this bill to see what is in it”?  Apparently not.  They have not even read the agreement.  Negligent!

Their inability to act for the people, of the people and by the people., “We the People” as written in the Constitution, is blatantly irresponsible of them.

This turnabout of the 33 Senators who have suddenly decided to dance to a different tune, is putting this nation and the world in great peril.  Giving the worlds most ardent supporter of terrorism a free run at nuclear power puts all of us in a perilous position.

In my opinion, Iran will O-bomb-US, this IS-rael.  You can bet on it.