Once again our POTUS has chosen not to act in a manner that is befitting of a distinguished  elected official, by politicizing the horrific tragedy at the community college in Oregon.  He even went as far as to state., We should be politicizing this event”.  Simply shameful and disgraceful behavior.  I do believe we need to have a discussion about the event and as a society what can we do to minimize likelihood of this happening again in future, but to lay the blame on “guns” is just irresponsible.  His home town of Chicago had 45 shootings and 15 deaths in just the past week and he says nothing.

Is there ever  going be a day when this man does not march to some agenda and exhibit some sense of empathy for human beings?  I do not believe it is his makeup.  He is so myopic in his perspective that I believe he is blind to the prospect of seeing life, in reality.  Truly sad.