As the political arena gets more muddled, even though it thins out a little,  I believe the following will happen.

1st:  Joe Biden will enter the Democratic race for the Presidency, much to the chagrin of Hillary Clinton.  Here is my reasoning.  Obama supporters have many millions of dollars a t their disposal, with which they have not offered up t Hillary at this time.  Nearly 90% of the donor  funds are out there for the taking and Obama will quietly support Biden if he choses to make the run for the White House.  Secondly, there is no love loss between camp Clinton and Obama, so this is the more natural progression.  Lastly,  if Biden runs and wins, this will provide Obama with a 3rd term, albeit out of sight and out of mind. He will most definitely be the master puppeteer pulling the strings of Biden’s Presidency.

Just my thoughts.