I was and am dismayed by the words U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch spoke few days ago.  I  have tried to sit back, absorb and let her comments set in, before speaking out.  I did not want to speak out of frustration or anger, impulsively or hastily.

Her speaking before and assembly of Muslims at some 10 year anniversary function, and saying  that “she will prosecute those who’s speak angrily or hurtfully about Muslims is simply unacceptable.  The 1st Amendment of our Constitution grants us the right and privilege to speak openly and freely.  One may not like or agree with the words that may be spoken, but they damn well better understand, they do not have the right to tell us, we may not speak these words.  I am not speaking about threatening words that may cause one physical harm or paralyzing fear.  Words spoken in this nature should not be tolerated.  Ms. Lynch’s choice of verbiage expressing her intent to prosecute, “screams” of government over-reach, communist actions, behavior and censorship.  “This is not who we are”.  Those words spoken by her as well as our President, should be a stark reminder of what this nation is and how its founding fathers went to great lengths to create and write a near perfect document, our Constitution.

Ms. Lynch should heed those very words and abide by the meaning, intent and clarity of our nations laws.  One would think that as the highest ranking legal official in our country, she would clearly understand this concept.

If Ms. Lynch is trying to promote and accelerate an agenda that is not in keeping with the nations laws and rules, then she should step down from her position as US Attorney General.  To merely suggest that the threat of prosecution, exists based on words spoken, is persecution of our laws and the people inalienable rights to them.

Shame on her.