Well, the President (Charlatan) has done it again to the nation and its people.  A complete ruse.

Let’s create a situation to make me and my administration look great.  Let’s have 10 Navy sailors picked up by the  Iranian Naval guard, an then appear to negotiate their release in record time (24 hrs)..    Yeah!  Meanwhile, Sgt. Tamareisy sat in a Mexican prison for 6 months, for making a wrong turn.  A swap for Iranian prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, for the soldiers, to further enhance his cause of closing the base.

Navy soldiers would never willingly cave in, without firing a shot or being fired upon.  Their code conduct strictly permits them from doing so.  How come no Navy assist, search and rescue vessels were sent for  help?  How can a boat like theirs just veer  50 miles off course?  Really?  Who is buying into this nonsense. Apparently the Sheeple in this country.

John Kerry apologizes– coward!  —Embarrassing!

Miraculously, Obama negotiates a swap, when prior negotiating skills are less the that of a trained monkey.   Good luck convincing anyone with a brain the size of a split pea on that one.

Iran gets the green light on nuclear deal, as the POTUS signs the release of sanctions–are you kidding me?

What will the Charlatan do next?   Not even GOD knows what this POS is up to next.  That is where this nation is in great peril.  Congress certainly is culpable in their part of the blame as well. “We the People”, do not truly exist in this nation anymore–sad.

We must give an assist to the media for being complicit in concealing and promoting the agenda of this Muslim punk, great job.