The water concerns and pending disaster in Flint Michigan is so sad and disturbing.  Mayoral offices blaming Governors responsibility, who are blaming the EPA, etc.  Truly tragic.

Some questions to ponder:  What would have happened if it was dog that was forced to drink this contaminated water, or an animal shelter?  Where would the government stand then?  What would be the outcry and backlash?  Would the  EPA be vociferous in penalizing the culprits responsible for the contaminated water?  Where would our President stand and what would his words be on this matter?

I can assure you if this were the treatment to animals, the public outcry, media backlash and news coverage would be headlines of far greater magnitude then it is.  Instead, the headlines are less on the event and more on the political nature of he said-she said., and lack of responsibility.

Under this administration, the EPA has been provided the unilateral opportunity to march in any direction they see fit, in order to promote the agenda of this ideological man., at the expense of business, jobs and economic recovery.

Talk about abuse of power and negligence.  Right in line with the POTUS himself and his legacy to follow.