I was reading an article today in the Orange County Register, that speaks to the weight issues of models.  It provides insight and information that the standard requirement fall in to specific height weight categories, in order to be considered.  None of these parameters are of concern to me.

The article is about a Congressman who wants to put a Bill on the floor of the state, that would require models to pass a health test and be tested (3) times yearly to insure that they indeed are not at risk of eating disorders etc.

While I know that there are cases of obsessive behaviors that some models have been guilty of, I am not certain that the modeling industry in totality is guilty of said treatment.

The article provide specifics on height and weight averages for models and average men and women.  This is my concern.

The article listed the average women as 5’3″ tall and weighing 166 lbs.  Now I do not know about you, but that is an obese individual.  Shouldn’t obesity in todays average women be the greater and more alarming concern, based on this statistical data?  One would think so, I do.

Instead, we are focusing on legislation that will potentially curtail the opportunity for a young lady or man to become a model should they desire to do so.  Hmmmmmm?

I wonder what the cost to this country obesity has via the healthcare industry, versus  a very select few that might make it a s a model?  I am not diminishing the  real and dangerous plausibility of eating disorders and there extremely negative effects on one life.  I am just saying,  this looks like another example of government telling the people how to live and make decisions for themselves, because they feel we are incapable of doing so.