The world knows of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.  This is indeed old news.  In my mind, the best and most plausible outcome, for all parties involved to walk away unscathed would be:

Scenario 1:  Hillary wins the Democratic nomination (no surprise here), and  if she wins the general election, that is when the indictment comes down.  In this scenario, the people  will have voted, Obama can pardon her before leaving office and all is forgiven.

Obama walks away clean. (Presidential pardons are nothing new).  The news media will bury it anyway.  The DOJ will be absolved of any negligence or interference, and the FBI will have said, “We did all we could do and ask for.  We did our job.”

It is possible that the FBI can make a big stink after the fact, but this will be to little to late.  The FBI could have mass resignations after Hillary gets sworn in, in protest., and this would be  a statement against her and the corrosive and corrupt Obama administration.  It would fall in Hillary’s lap and Obama is on the golf course, laughing.

Scenario 2:   The same as above regarding the election process, except Hillary does not win the Presidential election, the indictment is then handed down, and Obama pardons her anyway.  All of the rest would pretty much stay in place., with the exception that the FBI, would not likely resign. The new President might take this detailed investigation and pursue some other charges, but highly unlikely.

In either case, Hillary walks, the  Clinton machine keeps on ticking and the american people are screwed out of true, fair and honest justice once again.

The political posturing of the Washington cartel remains intact.