The Liberal lunacy in this country, trying to stomp on the 1st Amendment Rights –yet again., at Emory University is nothing but obscene.  The fact that a premier  educational institution like Emory would support the rejection of free speech is appalling.

30-40 years ago, the Democratic Party was all over the idea of freedoms, liberty and citizens rights.  Today they are anything but that.  They are but a shadow of their former selves and closer to a dictator like,  totalitarian run government.  They are closer to Hitler’s Nazi movement than one would believe.

The eagle needs to rise in this country.  If the young people (millennials) do not understand this, likely because they have not been exposed to the teachings and historical nature of our nations existence and its fight for freedoms, then I fear all will be lost in a very short time.

Sadly, it will be the millennials who will suffer the repercussions of their very laissez-faire attitude and the tragic loss of there freedoms.