Have you ever wondered about how all of the same people in political circles, often end up having a life time career offering?  I mean, they change job titles and positions just to stay in the game.  Then they likely end up running for the highest office in the land, President., by virtue of saying how much experience they have, thus they are/must be the most qualified.  Really?  What happened to accomplishments being the standard bearer?

Take a look at the NFL coaching staffs.  We have a coaching shuffle year after year, where any particular coach with limited success at his prior position gets hired, and is suddenly the new wonder boy.  His methods, his staff, his ideas are grounding breaking.  Three to four years later, the team moves in another direction, because of, you guessed it–lack of success.  Another new guy streps in and the same thing often occurs.  This is exactly what transpires in political circles.

Hillary Clinton, while in the game for many years and well versed in the system, has virtually accomplished – nothing.  Can you name one, just one notable accomplishment or piece of legislation that she has authored?  I cannot.  She became 1st Lady of Arkansas by virtue of marriage, the same because her husband became President.  She won an election for senator of New York, but did ZERO, NADA, ZILCH!!  She was appointed Sec. of State and , do we really need to go there?

She has an extensive resume  of failure of or mediocrity, yet the Democratic Party are banking on her being the “most qualified” to be President.  Hilarious to me.

I would rather have an outsider, Trump, who many believe is not Presidential (due to his antics and behavior)  become one, then someone who has little or no successful track record.  At least Trump knows how to negotiate and will in all likelihood hire the smartest people available in a areas he does not excel.

Think about this., you and I, most likely of average or above average intelligence, will in all likelihood, make better decisions using more sound judgment, then she would and then even Barack Obama has.  Why, because we will look at the whole and its best interest in everyone benefitting from our decisions, rather then politicizing an issue or marching to an agenda, letting egomania be the ruling characteristic.

Just saying.