It is the opinion of this individual, that these pervasive behaviors of extreme violence will be the norm here in the United States, just as they have been in Europe for many years. The loss of life of this police officer and his wife, in France, is just another example of extremist behavior, by someone who has no conscience and or care for life, anyone’s life., even his own.

Here is my question. In the wake of this horrific event in Orlando, why are Imam clerics, who preach hatred, of man, gays, our way of life etc., any way of life in fact, allowed to preach in this manner?  Our Constitution, and our laws within this country have been written and implemented to preach peace, consideration, respect etc., of all men.

We have very specific laws on the books that prohibit this behavior, they are “hate crimes”.  How does a man like this still have the opportunity to produce and provide venomous speech in this manner?  Why hasn’t he been arrested and incarcerated?  Why hasn’t he been deported?

Please do not tell me that our local officials do not know of this mans behavior and actions. How can that be possible?  People within the community talk.  If a blind eye has been turned, then we as a people are solely and ignorantly at fault for allowing this behavior to perpetuate throughout our society., thus, stoking the fire of hatred and permitting this atrocity to take place.