Powerful People – Demonizing Democracy

Has anyone noticed how the people in powerful positions, within this nation, have been the primary participants and catalysts, for demonizing Democracy, that our founding fathers prescribed for us as a free nation.

From allowing the propensity of bad behavior, poor decision making and lies, to be pervasive in her daily political life and career, Hillary Clinton is once again permitted a “get out of jail free card.” Is this a game of Monopoly or real life? It is hard to tell these days. When the FBI’s top official can manage to convince himself that there was no “malicious intent”, thus obfuscating the law and the “intent” with which it was written. How about how many times President Obama has been knocked down by the SCOTUS, for his egregious and malicious actions on immigration and executive power over reach?

These are just a few examples of how “Democracy” and the nation whose principles were founded upon this premise, are in decay and demise. “We the People” are in real trouble, as this nation attempts to move forward in its efforts towards greatness, it has worked so diligently to attain.

A tragic day for this nation.