Have you ever wondered how and why Barack Obama has the audacity to call anyone unfit to be President, as he has regarding Trump.  I find this to be completely hilarious and hypocritical.

Let’s examine the almighty POTUS POS and his many years of experience prior to his POTUS-ship.

2 years as a Senator from Illinois before he decided to run for the Presidency, where he voted mostly present on legislative matters.  Prior to this auspicious service, he was a community organizer, handing out pamphlets.  Woohoo!!  Stop the presses.

Obama has ridiculed Trump’s lack of experience, his understanding of the intricacies of diplomacy and foreign relations.  Hmmm…,,,,, where did POTUS POS get all of his worldly experience?    Let’s  examine Obama’s record to see if the pot really should be calling the kettle black.

I am not going to sit and write down all the line items of utter failure by this man and his administration., I do have enough time, truthfully.  I have but (4) questions:

1:  What is the Presidents first and foremost responsibility to this  nation?    Answer:  To keep this nation and its people safe.  We almost certainly are not safer today then we he took office.

2:  Are the relationships with our allies, better or worse, strained or more congenial?  Answer:  They are certainly more strained.  He has dismissed France on several occasions, laughed at Germany, completely ignored while empowering  the enemies of Israel, just to name a few.

3:  Is the POTUS considered to be the most powerful man on the planet and as such, the world goes as he’s goes?  Answer:  the world is far more dangerous and tenable place for all of its inhabitants, then when he took office.  IN fact, under his watch, more people have been slaughtered, victimized, beaten and brutalized by terrorist organizations then at anytime since the Vietnam War.  (That’s 50 Years-people)

4:  Is the POTUS suppose to set the outstanding example of behavior, live by the Rule of Law, our Constitution., and lead a nation in all areas of society?  Answer:  Yes , he is supposed to.  Has he?  No he has not. No President in history has violated the rule of law, the executive powers clause of the Constitution, immigration laws, ordered the armed forces in this country into a foreign conflict (war in Syria) without the consent/approval of Congress, as per the Constitution, infringed on our religious  rights, freedoms (stomping on the 1st Amendment),  then this man.  In fact; no President has been shutdown by the SCOTUS, on more shutout (9-0) decisions for his egregious acts, then this one.

Can you say treasonable behavior? I can, I just did.