While no one should dismiss the loss of any child, by any parent, show casing this mans loss, from 12 years ago, on a political platform as the Democrats did, it utter fodder and nonsense, in my opinion.  Talk about going Hollywood, while reaching for a greater audience, Oh Boy!

More delusional diatribe by the Far-Left Liberal Looney-tunes, clinging to the fear mongering they promote, via manipulated muse and media outlets they control. Anything/everything they say to promote, populate and provide misinterpreted, manipulating, mind-numbing, mis-information to the populace, helping to promote an agenda that simply doesn’t work. It’s actually hilarious, if it weren’t so pathetic and tragic.  Sadly, the moronic uninformed “sheeple” in this nation by into this prose of professorial proliferation. Dumb and dumber, continue to the march, towards a nation of fools. “We the People” are the only ones to blame for this failed direction of discontent and discourse. We have allowed this to permeate and perpetuate into our lives, unabated and and unchallenged. Shame on us, as a nation. If the President, is the Captain of our ship, then we most certainly have become of “Ship of Fools.”