So the social media is at it again.  All up in arms about Colin Kaepernick not standing during the “Pledge of Allegiance”, prior to the start of his pre-season football game.  BFD!

While I may completely disagree with his stance (no pun intended) on this issue, he does have the right, privilege, under our rule of law, The Constitution, to express or in this case, not too, his views.

What I find most troubling is not so much that he chose to do this now, but why didn’t he do this 2-3 years ago when he was an upstart QB in the NFL?  When did his convictions about blacks/people of color suddenly become such a meaningful subject matter to him?  His views about black people being so oppressed in our society today, versus 2-3 years ago.  Really?  Things have changed so dramatically since 2014.

This from a man who has a 114 million dollar contract, in which he will be paid 14 million dollars this year alone.  Oppressive, where?

We know of his bi-racial heritage., big deal.  There are many in this country who have the same  ethnic diversity.  Big F—–g Deal!

I just do not see the benefit to “his people” or society by making a statement as this, in this manner.  I just do not get it.  Is this some kind of attention getting scheme?  See the Kardashians for assistance in that arena.  They are masters of it.

He was raised by white parents and has white siblings.  Couldn’t we argue that he has gained “white privilege”?  Personally, I think if anyone makes that statement–they would be completely out of line.  I for one would (stand) no-pun here and support him in defiance of that assertion.

While his 1st Amendment Rights allow him to speak freely this way or not,  don’t we have better things to bitch and moan about then this?

How about a Congress that doesn’t do there jobs?  How about a government and legal system that politicize everything and anything it can, just to make themselves look good?  How about just being a decent, compassionate person?  These things mean more to me then whether or not an athlete chooses to stand up or not.

I do recognize that to many, not standing undermines those that have sacrificed and lost there lives for our freedoms, and that standing at attention pays homage to them and those who selflessly give sacrifice now.  I truly get it!  I just think this is being blown out of perspective.  More media hype and hyperbole.

Let the NFL  and or his team decide whether or not his behavior is worthy of penalty, fines or discipline.  All NFL teams all have code of conduct clauses, that all personnel, players etc., must abide by.

I do not think being ostracized by the social media for this is really worth it.

If he wants to act like this and is perceived to be a jerk or insensitive, the repercussions he will experience will be of his own doing.

Maybe, just maybe, he was getting used to sitting on the bench, in his new role as a “bench warmer” – seeing as he is no longer the starting QB.  He is just getting cozy, that’s it.  ????