Hillary:  You are Hillarious!  You have the audacity to use the word “deplorable” to describe Trumps people, supporters.  Absolutely brilliant choice of words., seeing as you , your behavior, decision making, flip-flopping public positions, statements of stupidity, shall I go on, are precisely what you speak about-DEPLORABLE!.  Look in the mirror fair lady and take a good hard look at what “deplorable” is and means.  Then see webster’s dictionary for assistance, so there is no misunderstanding of its definition.

Kaepernick Part#2  —   I have already stated my thought on this about the un-necessary media hype and hyperbole given to his actions. As I said before,  “Who cares?”

I watched Eric Bolling on Fox the other day and he made a very straight forward profound statement regarding this matter.  If you do not like it here and can’t show respect for those who have provided you the opportunity to live freely and not in an “oppressive society”, then get the hell out!  I concur completely.  This nation is the most accommodating and openly free society –period–anywhere.  Oppressive?  See webster’s dictionary for the definition, brother.

I will expand on this very simply.  This applies to any and all people who are not willing to assimilate in  this nations society and live by, under and in guidance with our rule of law, The Constitution.  If that doesn’t work for you, GET the Pluck out!  We do not want you!  You are not welcome!  There are more then 300 other countries where you can apply your trade, –good luck and adios.

Action vs Words:  The MSM is having a field day attacking Trump and protecting Hillary.  The funny thing to me, they can only say s–t about Trump, (shallow and hollow) words, where Hillary actually has a record that she cannot stand on and defend.  Why?  Because it is “deplorable.”  All Trump needs to do is attack her on this and the economy in the 1st debate and the American people people will see just how inept and ill-prepared she is to lead.  Perhaps she can lead from behind, more of the Obama doctrine.  That has done such wonders for this nation in every capacity.  Hahaha–utterly laughable.

Economic report– anemic!  –again.  ????  Woohoo-Let’s party.                So much for stimulus.  When this economy needs vigor, (viagara)– we get cooked spaghetti served up in a dixie cup., by the Far-Left Lilli-Limp Dick Democrats–again.

Bathroom Bunnies–Went to the ladies room the other day, because I was feeling pretty,  got tossed out for “not being” feminine enough.  WTF?  Where are my rights, or lefts, for that matter.  I mean, I just wanted to seek a peek —  no harm — no foul.  Geez, what ever happened to a little voyeurism?  No fun society I say.  I thought we are supposed to do anything we wish these days.  The Far-Left Libs would have you believe that.    I want my Utopian society!  I am entitled to it–damn it!  Maybe if I dressed up as a goat-I could get in.

Finally:  If a black man does something that he does not want  you to know about— is he being Incog-negro?  ????  Just saying and it’s damn funny.