Isn’t amazing that the banking industry was so reckless.careless, and fraudulent in their actions, such to cause the financial meltdown of this nation in 2008.  How many high ranking executives have been indicted, or jailed, none.  Oh yes they have paid some hefty fines, the sum or total but a fraction of the massive amounts of money they have made in the interim.

Who protected the big banks and their capital cronies-The Washington Cartel.  Obama, Clinton etc., -oh yes there are Republicans on this list as well.  I am not going to suggest, they are immune to this behavior.  Never will I say that.

Now nearly 8 years later, the shell game continues.  Goldman Sachs has issued a directive that there high ranking executives are not permitted to make donations to the Trump campaign, but they are permitted to make donations to the Clinton campaign. Hmmm…??? Does this smell of sewage to you?  Does it pass the smell test of corruption and “Pay for Play” existence within Washington’s Capital -Cartel?  It does to me?  Oh sure call me a cynic or what have you. I say, you’re just being a dope, to think otherwise or you’re just so blatantly ignorant or naive.

No matter – thins just another scandalous act by bad actors involved in protecting the status quo.