Well Hillary and her Democratic base are at it again.,or they are just plainly stupid.  It appears by all accounts that Hillary is much sicker then she and her party elites are leading us to believe.

Wouldn’t it have been much better and wiser to once, just once be honest with the people, the public and say that Hillary is not feeling well., she has flu-like symptoms and is taking some needed rest etc.  If her people played this smartly, no one would or could say anything about it.  They would completely understand and say,  “it’s not unusual or out of the ordinary for one to catch a cold, feel ill or physically drained,” especially after the lengthy and arduous  travel and  appearance schedule she has endured.

Who could argue with that?

In fact, I would argue, that she would get cudos for gutting it out and showing up.  What a great statement of intestinal fortitude, strength, desire etc., she would demonstrate for just trying to show up. Those are real leadership qualities.

Instead, they hide the facts, deceive the media, the public and have us believe, leave us speculating as to the actual health status of Hillary Clinton. These people running her campaign have miscalculated tremendously-again.

Thus, we are all left with the perception of more Sex, Lies and Erased tapes—“Perception.”   Well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.