Well, the Far-Left Looney Tune Moonbeam Brown (Governor of CA) is at it again.  He just signed into law, a bill that will require the cattle farmers in the state, to pay a penalty/fine to the state for there cows — are you ready for this one  — Farting!  That’s right–passing gas., excessively.

Have you ever heard of such utter or udder nonsense.  (No pun intended).  The mere fact that this lame brain idiot willfully wasted the tax payers dollars on garbage legislation, is just irresponsible.  It’s looney-tune for certain.

At what level is/are your bovines considered to be extraneous or profuse expellers of gas?  How do you determine what is or is not an acceptable level?  Is there sniff and wiff test?  (Biden anyone). Is it based on the malodorous level to the common man?   What is your measuring stick, barometer that determines if “Bessy” your beloved bovine, is a violator of flatulence law?  Are there additional penalties for excessive farting?  Is there a noise ordinance hidden in the laws writing?  I mean, little baby cows can’t control themselves as easily. Do they now shoulder the burden of paying more in fines because they are “inexperienced Flatulators?”.  Must one have a degree or extensive study in Flatology?

This just stinks!  It is a Bull—t law – period. Disgraceful and embarrassing that the states law makers are actually acting so irresponsibly.   This is Ass-Bovine.

I have only one question for this idiot.  How are you going to implement this program?  Please share with us commoners, how you are going to measure the green-house gas effects, the level of methane gas emanating from these bovines?  I can’t wait to see the ad in the paper seeking  “professional methane extractors needed?”  I wonder if a college degree is needed or will a high school diploma suffice?

Advertisement:  New government division seeking qualified individuals for methane gas extraction.    Would you like to be paid to be a “Fart Smeller?”

Send your resume and cover letter explaining., How you are qualified and or your professional/personal experience – to be considered.   (3) references  that can clearly demonstrate your experience.,(personal or professional).   The sweet smell of success is just around the corner.

We pay all health benefits, retirement, 401K, annuity, life insurance., (No Obama-care here) and a highly competitive salary, that will make you wanting more.  Call 1-800-Cow-Fart – NOW, and listen to the recorded message explaining how you can become a government paid “fart smeller.”   I can see/read it now–oh boy!

Boy does this give new meaning to the term Dairy-Air.