A truly sad day in the world of sports and for the world itself.  Arnold Palmer, golfing great, has passed., he died at the age of 87.  He built, the houses of the holy – he made the Masters a front stage in household name in 1960, at the advent of sports television, as well as the US Open., with his miraculous come from behind win.

To me it seems a bit ironic that the sports “King,” passes on the very day that golf’s King gets crowned –The FEDEX Cup Title.

I had at the opportunity to meet Mr. Palmer ( I say this as I did not know him well enough to call him Arnie), many years ago at the Greg Norman Templeton Funds Shark Shootout Tournament played at Sherwood Country Club.  I was fortunate enough to get his autograph, a smile and a handshake., and thrilled to have received all three.

Mr. Palmer looked me in the eye, smiled and said “thank you”, to me? I was stunned.  This man was so honest, humble and grateful that I wanted to me meet him, get his autograph and and say thank you, for all that he is and all he does for the game of golf and people he meets. He beat me to the punch.

He was a gentleman and a gentle-man.  The epitome of class, character and integrity of a true sportsman — the standard bearer by which all should be measured.