Maybe Billy Joel said it best, “Only the good Die Young.”  I didn’t know much about Jose Fernandez.  I am not an avid baseball fan. I did know his name and that he was a rising star young pitcher for the Miami Marlins.  It is a tragic and sad day, to lose such a young talent, a young man whom we are all now robbed of watching his incredible gift of talent for years to come.

The horrific boating accident that took his life will provide more answers in the days to come., as to why and how.  I for one just don’t understand it.

What I do not understand is why he was on a small speedboat (33 footer) at 2am in the morning  to begin with.  Although he wasn’t scheduled to pitch until Monday (originally planned to pitch Sunday), it just makes no sense to me.  I cannot wrap my head around and extrapolate what he and his fellow boating friends were doing out at 2am.  They too were tragically killed in the accident as well.

I just feel sick to my stomach.  I truthfully have little or no words to express this loss, nor can I make sense of it.  So all I will say is, “I am saddened and pray that God has them now and is holding them peacefully and comfortably.  RIP to you all, and my best to your families at this most difficult time.”