“Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.”  Do we remember this old adage?

Let’s think about for say a –nano-second.  Okay-done.  Time is up.

While the MSM and Camp Hillary are chastising Trump for his ridiculing statements of women, Hillary has been out supporting  the abuse women worldwide., via her money laundering schemes with state department funds, (tax payer assisted of course), political connections to promote the appearance to being a do-gooder with her ponzi scheme Clinton Global Initiative.

Hmmm……?  Does the MSM want the American people to know this–of course not.

Only one question worth asking:  Are you more put off by Trumps crude and rude remarks about women, are they more dangerous to your safety and that of this nation, or are Hillary’s secrets, poor judgment, worse decision masking and deals made with governments worldwide, more perilous to the people of this country?

It is that simple!  You decide.  Personally, you can say whatever you like to me, about me, I just do not care.  You cannot offend me in that manner.  I have heard it all before-many times.  They are just shallow and hollow words usually spoken by an ignorant uninformed individual.  I am not that soft that I will allow you the opportunity to get under my skin – in that way.    Good luck–go ahead a try.

The definition of Deplorable and Irredeemable – are her actions – which are far more egregious then the ill advised words spoken by Trump.  Everyone of us, at some point in our lives, have made statements that are rude, crude and insensitive.  None of us have been immune.