Well the day of reckoning has arrived.  Are we as a nation going to elect, the most prolific liar, untrustworthy and dishonest individual to ever be appointed or elected in politics, or are we going to elect a businessman whose behavior, statements and actions are not much better then that of an Orangutan. Hmm??  Perplexing, isn’t it?

It is no wonder that “We the People” are not feeling very secure about our choices.  And why would we.  This will ultimately come down to who is the one that the American people will feel will do the least damage to this nation, both in the short term and longterm.  The destruction may last a generation or many.

I do find it wonderfully amusing and hypocritical that Hillary fancies herself as a leader and fighter of women and their rights, when she supports countries and government regimes that do nothing of the sort.  Then again, The “Dons” behavior has not been all that stellar either.

Hillary may be a women by DNA, (yes, some would argue that as well), but she is no lady.  I have never, ever, heard of a lady treating her constituents with such disdain and disrespect for many years as she has. The words she speaks and the manner in which she has spoken them -are simply disgusting. There are far to many examples to site here.  Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush, Jacqueline Kennedy, they are, were ladies.

The saddest statement I can make at this point in time, is our nation will not get a true leader.  It will elect an ego-maniacal individual who agenda will be self-fulfilling for there own egregious desires.  It seems to me that we have already suffered over the last eight-years with this mantra., by a man whose discontent for the nation, its rule of law and its people.  Can we afford another four more years of the same?  Hillary will most certainly provide more of the same.  No one really knows what Trump will or will not provide.

Will fear of the unknown rule the day or the status quo maintain its grip?  We will soon find out.

In either case, I believe this nation to be the most resilient ever.  No country has maintained the same form of government system and idealogical stance of liberty, freedom, fairness, rights for its people, then the USA.  No nation–ever!  That is irrefutable and indisputable-period.

There are no perfect governmental systems-yet this one is the best of the imperfect systems.  If that were not true, then why would all people, from all walks of life worldwide, continually flock to our shores, to be part of this nation?

Why would anyone want to eviscerate and  be vicious to change the best there is, into something it was never meant to be?

A concept and mindset I simply do not understand.